We believe that there is a better way to studying IB Math than just turning the pages of 1000 pages long books and trying not to cry. With years of experience of private tutoring of IB students at all levels succeeding at the IB Math exam, we figured why not do something more to help these guys? With the right motivation of actually wanting to help, we decided to put together a system, which specifically focuses on what is best for IB Math students.

We created well-designed to-the-point onepagers which help you review each topic in a very short time and explain only the most important elements of Math that you need to know to rock your IB exam!

These summary pages combined with the right amount of practice will ultimately lead you to a successful exam. This is why we are also determined to provide you with practice opportunity. By practice opportunity, again, we don’t mean that we attempt to copy the schoolbook style, rather approach it from a different direction. Starting with going through smaller topics of Math and getting familiar with the typical questions that you can come across regarding that specific topic, you can get to more complex, real exam style tasks.

As a huge and extremely important part of exam preparation, you will have to complete full examinations, too. This is, let’s say, the third component that we added to our system, that will lead you to succeed.

Besides these elements mentioned above, you’ll have the opportunity to book a session with one of our tutors, which completes the system. Review, practice, write exams and dare to ask!

We wish you a successful preparation and the very best of luck at your exams. If there’s anything that we can further help you with, please feel free to contact us any time.